UR Weekly W.O.D.: Bring on the Resistance

Today we're going to focus on building our strength with this resistance heavy workout. You'll need two sets of dumbbells for this work out and a resistance band. Enjoy! Equipment Needed: 2 sets of dumbbells--One light weights (5-15 lbs depending on strength), One heavy weight (20-40 lbs depending on strength). Start using heavier set of... Continue Reading →


UR Weekly Workout!: Mama Said “Knock You Out!”

So, one of the my favorite fitness activities is kickboxing and today's workout is all about throwing punches and working out those legs! This workout focuses on your pecs, delts, lats, arms, core, and legs. Get it in!!!!!! Warm- Up: 1 mile run/jog Main Set (perform set 2-4 times): 30 boxing bag punches (slower punches,... Continue Reading →

UR Weekly W.O.D.: Abs Tabata

Many of us wish we could have the ripped shredded abs of fitness models ...and now you can! I designed this fat blasting, ab defining, tabata style (20 seconds on. 10 seconds rest) workout with one of my colleagues.  Instead of doing a true "rest", we decided to replace the traditional rest in a Tabata... Continue Reading →

UR W.O.D. Today: Total Body Ladder

Today I bring to you a true total body workout. I developed this workout to tackles the delts, traps, obliques, core muscles, legs, triceps, biceps, chest and back. We'll be working in a ladder format (beginning with a set number of reps and then increasing or decreasing the amount of reps completed in increments of... Continue Reading →

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