UR W.O.D. Today: Triathlon Sprint at the Gym

The idea of a triathlon excites me. The other day, my potna-n-crime was telling me about a triathlon at her job's wellness center and it got me to thinking, why not turn that idea into a W.O.D.? Well, that's exactly what I did. I hope that you enjoy it! Warm-Up: 5-10 minute dynamic stretch Main... Continue Reading →


UR W.O.D. Today: Arm & Chest

My mother is partially paralyzed in her right arm. This tragedy occurred as a result of surgeon error when he accidentally severed a nerve in her arm and bruised another during an operation for her twisted neck. I was three years old when this happened but I watched her struggle with the disability for my... Continue Reading →

UR W.O.D. Today: Summer Beach Body

Summer is finally upon us! The question all of the fitness/supplement marketers are asking is: Are YOU beach body ready? To answer the question honestly, it depends a lot on what your idea of a "beach body" is. Do we draw our beach body inspiration from young Pamela Anderson from Bay Watch? Or do we... Continue Reading →

UR W.O.D. Today: Push and Pull

A happy life is all about balance and symmetry. How many times have we realized that our work/life balance is off? Or we are so into our studies that we neglect romantic interaction? How about too many upper body sculpting days, and not enough leg days? Now, there's a predicament we've all witnessed at a... Continue Reading →

UR W.O.D. Today: 1…2…Fight!

Lately, my life has been filled with some unexpected blows. The type of crippling, debilitating blows that knock the wind out of your trachea. Now, if it's one thing I've learned over the course of my eventful life, is that I am a fighter and that I will triumph over any obstacle that meets my... Continue Reading →

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