UR W.O.D. Today: Climb the Fitness Mountain!

This past weekend I went on a hike with a group of women that I recently met through a meetup group I started in Hartford, CT. The thrill of experiencing the hike with such amazing women lasted throughout the day. Honestly, the day could not have begun more perfectly.

Needless to say, that hike with those women inspired the workout for today! Today, we will be training all of the muscles that would normally “feel the burn” during a traditional hike. Get ready to engage those quads, fire up our hamstrings and glutes, sculpt those calves and work our core to the max!

BONUS TIP: This week, why not try a low intensity hike on your rest day? Trust me, it’s a beautiful way to begin the day.

Warm Up:

  • 5 minute jog or cycle
  • 5 minutes dynamic stretch of your choice

Main Set: (Rest when needed for 1 minute maximum)

Cool Down/Stretch:

  • 5 minute static stretch of your choice

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