UR W.O.D. Today: Say “Good-Bye” to Arm Flab

I was looking back on some picture of me and realized that at one point, I was much heavier than I am today. The crazy thing is that, you don’t always realize when your getting chubby that you’re getting chubby. Such was the case with me. Now, that’s not to say that there’s anything wrong with some extra cushion (as long as it doesn’t put you in danger of disease, of course), but on me, I wasn’t having it.

Among all of the areas of my body that readily accumulated fat, my legs and arms were the most inviting. My arms were huge! Although I remained body shape proportional and still looked good with the extra weight, I was unhappy with how large my arms and thighs had become.

With that memory in mind, I created this WOD to tackle stubborn arm fat and to develop the muscles that sculpt the arms–giving it that nice, lean look we all aspire towards.

Get ready to tackle this arm flab blasting, muscle building, metabolizing , after burn effect inducing work out!

Warm- Up:

  • 5 minute arc trainer
  • 5 minute cycle
  • 30 arm swings
  • 10 burpees

Main Set:

  • 2-5 sets 15 reps biceps hammer curls
  • 30 second break
  • 2-5 sets 15 reps triceps kickbacks
  • 30 second break
  • 2-5 sets 15 reps overhead press
  • 30 second break
  • 2- 5 sets 15 reps triceps extension
  • 30 second break
  • 2-5 sets 15 reps cable fly

Cool Down/Stretch:

  • 1 minute walk
  • 5 minute static stretches

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