UR W.O.D. Today: Fail In Order To Succeed

Failure is such a loaded word, isn't it? Many of us are taught when we're fairly young that "failure is not an option". But that's not true at all. At least not in my experience. When the myth and the reality of the role failure plays in our lives clash, ¬†we're forced to restructure our... Continue Reading →


UR W.O.D. Today: Summer Beach Body

Summer is finally upon us! The question all of the fitness/supplement marketers are asking is: Are YOU beach body ready? To answer the question honestly, it depends a lot on what your idea of a "beach body" is. Do we draw our beach body inspiration from young Pamela Anderson from Bay Watch? Or do we... Continue Reading →

UR W.O.D. Today: Push and Pull

A happy life is all about balance and symmetry. How many times have we realized that our work/life balance is off? Or we are so into our studies that we neglect romantic interaction? How about too many upper body sculpting days, and not enough leg days? Now, there's a predicament we've all witnessed at a... Continue Reading →

UR W.O.D. Today: 1…2…Fight!

Lately, my life has been filled with some unexpected blows. The type of crippling, debilitating blows that knock the wind out of your trachea. Now, if it's one thing I've learned over the course of my eventful life, is that I am a fighter and that I will triumph over any obstacle that meets my... Continue Reading →

UR W.O.D. Today: The Triple 5 HITT

Today we're nose diving into high intensity interval training. For some of you, that's exciting and for others, terrifying. Regardless of what side of the fence you stand, the benefits of HITT training are enough to get anybody rolling out of the bed for an energizing workout. Warm-Up: 5 minute dynamic stretch Main Set: (Perform... Continue Reading →

UR W.O.D. Today: Take a Hike!

I went on my first hike 4 years ago with my current partner in Connecticut. It'd been a while since I'd done anything active and my lungs and heart were feeling it. I got tired easier, muscles cramped, and my breathing became shallower with the elevation. The hike was only 5 miles (10 miles round... Continue Reading →

UR W.O.D. Today: Practice Self Care

The phrase "self care" gets thrown around like a football and has taken on many different meanings--oftentimes contingent upon the specific needs of the person. However, ambiguous as this term has become, it's an extremely important part (or at least it should be) of our healthcare regiment. So, what exactly is "self care"? According to... Continue Reading →

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