UR W.O.D. 4/16/2017: Rest and Meditate

In 2012, the same year that my father unexpectedly passed away, I went through a terrible breakup. My ex and I had been together for almost four years and I had blind faith that our relationship would stand the test of time. Unbeknownst to me, I was terribly wrong. After the breakup, I was heartbroken.... Continue Reading →


UR W.O.D. 4/15/2017: Play a Game

Wayyyy back in the day, as a young Louisiana girl, I spent a lot of time running around rough housing with my friends, climbing trees, riding bikes, dancing, and anything else that caused me to break a sweat. As a proud tomboy, I'd much rather arm wrestle than play with dolls, but I did both... Continue Reading →

UR W.O.D. 4/14/2017: Plyos

Equipment Needed: Box  Warm-Up: 1 mile walk/run/cycle Main Set (Go through both circuits and repeat for 2-4 sets): Circuit #1- 10-15 Burpees 10-15 Plyo tuck jumps 10-15 Plyo push-up  10-15 Reverse Lunge with knee raise Circuit #2- 10-15 Traveling Push-ups 10-15 Plank ski jumps 10-15 Box Jumps  10-15 Box Toe Taps Cool Down/Stretch: 1 Mile jog... Continue Reading →

UR W.O.D. Today: Dynamic Stretch and Run

Last week I ran in a 5K/15K race with some friends in Philadelphia called the "Hot Chocolate 5K/15K Run." I like running these "fun runs" because not only is there always a designated charity to which the run organizers donate a portion of event profits (this one was for Ronald McDonald House), there's also always... Continue Reading →

UR W.O.D. 4/10/2017: Balance

Balance is one of those physiological capabilities that many of us tend to take for granted...That is, of course, until we're older, begin to lose our eye sight, have gunk or fluid build-up in our ears, you get the picture. But, balance is extremely important to the current state of our health and safety. It... Continue Reading →

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