UR W.O.D. 3/31/2017: DAMN STAIRS

What do train stations, buses, and the school I work at all have in common? Crazy people? Maybe. Funky smelly people? Well...yea, but...What I'm REALLY getting at are the ga-ZILLION DAMN stairs that are necessary to be a real pedestrian in a metropolis of a city. Yesterday I was in New York City, ripping and... Continue Reading →


UR W.O.D. 3/30/2017: Uphill Sprints

Back in middle school, like many youngsters with too much energy and aggression, I tried my hand at a few sports. I played basketball, ran track, and even did a quick stint with shot put. Even though I no longer play any of those sports, I still enjoy a good sprint. And these days, I'm... Continue Reading →

Rest Day is the Best Day

So you've been pumping iron like a maniac and D.O.M.S. has set in, crippling your entire life. Every movement short of talking is painful but somehow you get the diabolic idea to push out just one more workout at the gym. DON'T DO IT! It would be an egregious mistake-and here's why: When you beat... Continue Reading →

UR W.O.D. 3/28/2017: Isometric Exercise

An isometric movement is one where the joint angle and muscle length don't change during contraction. These types of exercises would look like static poses, but underneath the guise of all of that modelesque poise, are hard working, calorie-burning muscles sculpting the masterpiece of your body.  In today's W.O.D., you'll be performing each of the isometric... Continue Reading →

UR W.O.D. 3/27/2017

Spring is here and that means that the weather is getting warmer. Warmer for me (in the New England state of Connecticut) means 33 degrees, but hey! It's a leaps and bounds warmer than it was a few weeks ago at 8 degrees. So, why I am talking all this heat? Because today you will... Continue Reading →

Movement Fever

From my pre-teen years to my late 20s, I was a dancer. I started with Classical Ballet, Tap, and Jazz when I was 5 years old in Houston, Texas but had abandoned those forms upon moving back to Louisiana a few years later for a discipline in which I felt more personally connected- Traditional West African... Continue Reading →

UR W.O.D. 3/26/2017: Ladders

I LOVE a good ladder workout. Similar to hiking a difficult trail on an unforgiving mountain, you simply feel accomplished. What doesn't seem so difficult in the beginning becomes challenging in unexpected ways. For those of you who don't know what a ladder workout it, it's essentially a workout where the number of repetitions you do of exercises within a workout set either descends or ascends to a goal number to complete a set. Today, we will start with a single rep of each exercise then crescendo up to a peak of 10 reps, and finally descending back to...

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