UR Weekly Workout: Balls to the Walls!

Last week we did a Tabata that kicked ass! Well guess what, this week we're jumping right back into the Tabata goodness--and we're going BALLS TO THE WALL!--LITERALLY! Tabata is a high intensity interval workout type so remember to GO FOR BLOOD (well, only if you're NOT dying...otherwise, pace yourself and listen to your body... Continue Reading →


UR Weekly Workout: Kick Ass!

It's time to kick ass! Literally. We're starting off on the heavy bags and heading straight into a Tabata to finish with a cardio recovery. Start your week off right! Get it in!!!!! Warm-Up (perform all exercise on heavy bag): 2 min jab-cross-cross 30 sec REST 2 min jab-cross-left uppercut (off bag)-right roundhouse kick 30... Continue Reading →

UR Weekly W.O.D.: Bring on the Resistance

Today we're going to focus on building our strength with this resistance heavy workout. You'll need two sets of dumbbells for this work out and a resistance band. Enjoy! Equipment Needed: 2 sets of dumbbells--One light weights (5-15 lbs depending on strength), One heavy weight (20-40 lbs depending on strength). Start using heavier set of... Continue Reading →

UR Weekly W.O.D.: Abs Tabata

Many of us wish we could have the ripped shredded abs of fitness models ...and now you can! I designed this fat blasting, ab defining, tabata style (20 seconds on. 10 seconds rest) workout with one of my colleagues.  Instead of doing a true "rest", we decided to replace the traditional rest in a Tabata... Continue Reading →

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