UR Weekly Workout: Don’t Skip Leg Day

Today's workout will be emphasizing the legs. The saying goes, "Friends don't let friends skip leg day!" Strong legs are important for activities as automatic as walking down the street, to as grueling as running long distances. Needless to say, today's workout will help you get the legs of a Gawd/Gawdess! Enjoy! Equipment: Barbell, Dumbbell,... Continue Reading →


UR Weekly Workout: Trim That Arm Fat!

Yesterday, I created a year long challenge called #365HealthySelfieChallenge. The rules of the challenge are to post a body selfie everyday, report weigh in/measurements every week, and post video clips of different workouts that you've done. That being said, I'll start posting videos of myself doing OUR WEEKLY WORKOUTS this week! You can follow me @iambrandik. This... Continue Reading →

UR Weekly Workout: Mindful Walk or Run

You may or may not be aware but your mind and body are connected.  Did you know that physical activity helps in preventing not only a physical disease but also in preventing cognitive diseases too? Well, it does!  Let's not take this mind/body connection for granted. Today's workout was designed with this specific connection in... Continue Reading →

UR Weekly Workout: Balls to the Walls!

Last week we did a Tabata that kicked ass! Well guess what, this week we're jumping right back into the Tabata goodness--and we're going BALLS TO THE WALL!--LITERALLY! Tabata is a high intensity interval workout type so remember to GO FOR BLOOD (well, only if you're NOT dying...otherwise, pace yourself and listen to your body... Continue Reading →

UR Weekly Workout: Kick Ass!

It's time to kick ass! Literally. We're starting off on the heavy bags and heading straight into a Tabata to finish with a cardio recovery. Start your week off right! Get it in!!!!! Warm-Up (perform all exercise on heavy bag): 2 min jab-cross-cross 30 sec REST 2 min jab-cross-left uppercut (off bag)-right roundhouse kick 30... Continue Reading →

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